Maybe food photography isn't for me...

Okay, so last week, we had our first few classes on studio lighting. Naturally I was very intimidated at the thought of using the equipment, but very very excited to learn more about an industry that has always fascinated me so much! Joe Lavine is our lighting instructor. He's been a professional commercial photographer for 20 years. (check it out: Lavinephoto.com) Once you see his portfolio, you quickly realize you're standing in front of somebody pretty great because you can recognize his images from looking through magazines or simply walking down the cereal isle at the grocery store. Next time you buy Bisquick, you'll probably see his photo on the box. After listening to him talk, I started to wonder if maybe I should be a food/set stylist instead of a food photographer. Either job is strenuous, but i think the food placement, choice of plates, etc. is what's so fun and creative. This was all confirmed after we actually tried studio lighting...
The first day wasn't so bad. The assignment was pretty broad and loose around the edges. We all had plenty of time to play with the equipment and just have fun. I thought my subject turned out looking pretty cute. :-)

The second assignment was where it all went bad. lol We didn't have to photograph food, that was just my choice. And what better as a subject than my favorite recipe for homemade biscuits! I think making biscuits was a subconscious excuse to get in the kitchen and cook. Cooking=therapy for me. So, that's what I did. Poured me a glass of wine and cooked. I wish I could say it made my time in the studio better, but, no. We were all under a huge time crunch to get 4 different shots using multiple lights. It was very stressful, to say the least. And I was left with only maybe one or two decent shots.

Let's just say it was a learning experience. Hopefully next time will be smoother. The images are due tomorrow. Hope that goes alright.

On a lighter note, this was what I turned in for my visual studies assignment last week. My teacher called it an intimate portrait of a pine cone. I liked that. It goes back to my fascination for all the small details in life that make it so beautiful. I found this little fellow outside my house. I think he's beautiful. :-)