Cut like a knife.

Love is definitely in the air this week.
So thick I could cut it with a knife.

I've always thought Carol and Allen were adorable. And I wish I could take credit, as the photographer, for their cuteness, but I can't.

And I always thought Carol was a beautiful woman too, but I was literally stricken by her on this day. She glowed, and her eyes were an almost unnatural, beautiful shade of blue. I thought about it later as I looked at the photographs. Finally I realized what it was. She was with the man she loves. Barefoot. In the grass. In the warm sun.
And he makes her feel beautiful.
And it showed.

I started my first day of Wedding photography at school today. We did engagement sessions. I really enjoyed the couple we worked with, Matt and Mandy. I felt rushed because I only had thirty minutes with them, plus three other classmates were there to watch me work until it was their turn to shoot. But none the less it was good practice, because I need to work under pressure and get ready for the "real world." :)