Jo & Kelly: PART I

Meet Nikki

When I first answered to an anonymous cry for help to assist at a wedding, I had no idea she'd be the one to email me back. Afterall, there are all kinds of crazy people on craigslist. But, after looking at her website I felt privileged that she even wrote me back. Niki lives in California, just outside of San Fransisco. She was coming to Durango to shoot a close family friend's wedding. She's a commercial photographer who also stays pretty busy shooting weddings. She's worked for publications and seen a lot more of the country than I have. In a nutshell, it was a great day. Right as I'd go to do or say something, she'd suggest it. I felt like Nikki was an old friend who kind of read my mind. If I lived in California, I'd probably follow her around a lot more often.

 As for Jo and Kelly... AMAZING couple. After only 30 minutes of being around Jo I felt like I had known her for years. Their love was truly inspiring. That, or there was something in the air during the ceremony because my eyes were definitely misty. I'm such a sap.

ANYWAY, I have a lot of favorite moments from the day I'd like to share with you, so I'm breaking them up into two posts. It's like having two birthday parties.  yay!

Strater Hotel, Durango
Blue Lake Ranch, Durango


I have often thought Rosemary was a nice name for a girl. I don't know a Rosemary, but if I did, she would have dark skin and long, black, shiny hair that was pulled back in a braid. She'd walk lightly and say little, but when she spoke it would be worth listening to. She'd be the kind of friend you could be quiet with. Someone who enjoyed the simple things in life. She'd spend hours pulling weeds in her garden, pleasantly at peace with doing nothing else. She'd be a hummer, quietly singing songs behind her lips as she baked bread and homemade pies. Her cheeks round and her eyes brown. Eyes that squint and get lost in her face as she smiled. 

Such nice thoughts to be paired with a flavor, when fresh, that is almost sweet and earthy at the same time. A flavor worth a personality. 

I planted my "urban" herb garden this spring. It started with the basil and rosemary and now I have been through 3 basil plants (until finally getting one that would cooperate) and have added cilantro and mint to the family as well. I always wanted to grow an herb garden. Preferably in a kitchen above a sink with huge bright windows and shelves where all the plants basked in the sun. When I was a younger girl I imagined cooking, wine in hand... jazz on the radio, while reaching over to pluck a few sprigs of something and tossing it into the pot. In the shoebox I live in today, there's barely enough room to sit a soap dish above the sink. But, someday.
 As for now, my front porch will have to do. :)

p.s. if anyone has tips on growing basil, let me know! It's a stubborn little booger.
Have a lovely week!