Tiff and Tim.

I find it a tad frustrating that school finished at a time when the weather isn't quite ideal for an outdoor portrait photographer to begin her career. It's cold and the days are short. This didn't stop Tiffanie though, not one little bit. The minute she found out I was back in town she was ecstatic, and scheduled a session with me right away. This, of course, made me feel amazing. What made me feel even more amazing though, was finding out that these photographs of her and her new husband, Tim, would be the first they'd ever had together as a married couple, and maybe more! I had a lot of shoes to fill in a couple hours. I felt like I was taking their engagement, wedding, Christmas, and just "together" pictures all in one afternoon. But, i was more than honored to do so! I had such an amazing time, and probably laughed more than I ever have on any shoot. Thank you Tiff and Tim, for being so much fun and letting me be such an important part of this amazing time in your life.

Let me just start off by saying, Tiff, you laugh more than anyone I know...
and I LOVE it.