a quiet moment.

A couple of Saturdays ago, at the end of a really great day, I snuck away to one of my favorite spots with my camera and my dog. Instead of hiking, like we'd planned, I found myself struck by the light, the silence, and how at peace with myself I was in that very moment. The bugs danced in the glow above the trees like fireflies in the daylight. The earth beneath me crunched, dry and calloused from the sun. The air was still- no wind, no birds, no people. I walked slowly, stopped often, and found myself standing there in that quiet moment wanting to remember, always, exactly how it felt.



August. It's a bittersweet month and I can't believe it's already here. Autumn is peeking around the corner and it literally feels like just yesterday that I left work and immediately went to the grocery store to buy a pineapple. I brought said pineapple to a BBQ where it then was grilled, tossed into a fruit salad, and topped with fresh whipped cream. I don't know if it was that moment in early June that I bought the pineapple, or later that night when I was sharing it with friends over kabobs and beer on a country back porch, that I realized, "Wow. It's summer."

I've spent more time doing summer than sharing summer. So to get us back up to speed, here's a little of the doing I've been doing: (Oh yeah...and happy august to you and yours.)