I've never had "spring fever" so early before. It started the first week of January and just wont leave me alone. I've been itching to go thrifting for summer dresses, read books about gardening, eat salads, and take my pup on walks while wearing a tank top and shorts - all without feeling like I'll fall and slip on the wintry ice. I've been wanting to jump in the river so bad and the smell of cedar burning in the neighbors' fireplaces oddly enough has me aching to grill kabobs in our backyard. The violets on my desk aren't helping either. They are in FULL bloom and are a sweet reminder that warm weather is just around the corner. The most ironic part of it all is that the days here in CO. have been beautiful with clear blue skies and lots of sun. And, instead of pretending that it's spring I've actually been partaking in some pretty winter-like activities. We went on an awesome night hike in the snow at the beginning of the week under a bright almost-full moon. I've been enjoying wearing my boots and "Padddington Bear" pea coat, as my boyfriend likes to call it. And Friday night I even took my first try at ice skating. Emphasis on the word try. No, really, I did better than I thought I would. Sorry there aren't any pictures of that, because I'm sure they would be hilarious. I was too busy holding on to the guard rail and trying not to fall. (Success!)