to be thankful.

I've been thinking about something a lot lately. 

It started with a conversation I had with someone about ten days ago. A conversation about saying grace before your meal. I wasn't really raised doing it, and it's still not in my routine. But, religious or not, tradition or not, it's just one of the many ways of saying thanks on a daily basis. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that I need to be more thankful. Not because I don't say a verbal prayer before each meal, but because there are so many beautiful, small moments to be  appreciative of. I started realizing how much better I'd feel if I were more aware of these things and said a quiet "thank you" when they came to mind. Even if it is before I dive into my bowl of granola tomorrow morning. And even if I'm the only one doing it, or no one else even knows it's happening. There's been too many times lately that I've cried. Too many times that I've been frustrated with my life. Too many things I wish were different. When really, from a thankful point of view, it looks pretty damn good.

In the last week or two, I've felt as though instead of looking at the gray storm clouds I've been able to see the rainbow. This is all because I've been trying to look at things in a different light. I'm already a pretty positive person, but life's too short to be anything but positive. Anything but thankful. 

So, for myself mainly, I wanted to write a list, of some of the most recent things I'm thankful for, big and small. 

(cooler) Colorado summers
photography jobs
my confidence
my growing relationship with my big sister
my best friend
my camera
my health
my growing hair (finally!) 
the encouraging bouquet of flowers on my desk
not waking up alone
no car payment
my creativity
my tiny shoebox (house)
my new Colorado photography friends
my patience
Alexi Murdoch
time alone
the singing summer crickets
a good nights sleep
waking up laughing
a good cry
access to local, organic food
Bob McGowan
my personal cheerleaders (you know who you are!)
my PPP (photographer pen pal)
endless trails
not waiting tables (at least for right now!)
good books
Chad's family
my youth
my little (and struggling) herb garden
my amazing Okie friends (also known as my "personal cheerleaders")
the EF-ers
a good challenge
morning light
Colorado monsoon season (can't get enough of the rain!)
dove soap
did I say patience? (can't stress this enough!)
being present
snail mail
my mom