giving. thanks.

I wasn't planning on writing a blog tonight, but while researching a photo project, my computer screen landed on a page where instantly all of my 1000+ instagram photos were in front of my eyes. These are iphone pictures of my daily life from the last 18 months; pictures that are intimate, bring back precise memories of moments, good and bad, and small stills that have captured my life much like a diary. I was struck by these photos, and I needed to tell you about it. I needed to tell you how thankful I am that I am alive and healthy and happy. I needed to tell you that my bank account doesn't have enough money in it, and that my house is way too small. I wanted to tell you that I've been feeling guilty about not running or doing yoga, and that my jeans from last winter are tight. I wanted to tell you how I've been feeling - like nothing I do is ever enough. Not creative enough. Not hard enough. Not big enough. Not good enough. I wanted to tell you that despite all of this, I looked at 1000 pictures tonight that made me realize I am amazing. My friends are amazing. The experiences I've had over the last year and a half have been incredible and I am a better person for all of it, even if I'm not where I want to be. And if nothing else, instagram has at least reminded me that yes, my dog IS adorable, the food I eat is epic, and the people I know can't be traded in for anything.

So (raise your glass) here's to Thanksgiving and being immensely thankful for this life. Here's to you and to me, and all of the moments in between that make us feel alive. For this, I am thankful.

Photo of me by the one and only Travis Marak
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Lauren + Joey :: Knoxville, TN. ::: PART FOUR

Through all of the months of planning this wedding, not once did I consider ever getting a costume. At least not until I was on the phone hashing out some last minute details with the bride a few weeks before the wedding. Right before hanging up the phone she said, "Oh, and you're going to wear a costume right??...because if you don't...you'll stick out like a sore thumb." Immediately I thought, "Shit. One more thing to add to my jam-packed pre-wedding to-do list." That thought was instantly followed by, "Sweet. I get to dress up like a fool while getting paid." Once again, I love my job.

If there's one reason, and one reason alone, why Lauren and Joey's wedding is my favorite I'd tell you about the junkyard Halloween party. I'm convinced now that everyone should have a costume reception at their wedding, regardless of the time of year. Even if it's just masks, or wigs, or funny glasses. People let loose when you give them alcohol but they really get out of their skin when they're in disguise. And at this wedding, no one dressed to disappoint. Even Lauren's grandma won "scariest costume."

Thanks again, Lauren and Joey, for reminding me why I'm in love with my job (and for reminding me to wear a costume.) Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!

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Happy Halloween!