Hi. I'm Hailey. I'm a photographer. I know we've met, but it's been so embarrassingly long since I've said anything that I thought you might need the reminder. The last few weeks/month has been a whirlwind to say the least. I can't even begin to describe it to you, and I don't have the energy to honestly try. Let's just say that I couldn't help but laugh to myself a few days ago as I read over my massive, ever-growing to-do list. Mixed in with things like "email Meredith" and "frame art for show" I had listed the following two items:

find house.
find job.

I joked with a friend about it later that night. It hilariously describes the craziness that is my life lately. And even though I have to truthfully admit, the near future is a little daunting and scary for me, I look at what I've accomplished in just the last four weeks and I know that at this rate, I can damn near do almost anything. So bare with me again in the next few weeks as the posting thins out again and I become quiet. It just means I'm still on a roller coaster, hanging on to enjoy the ride.

We'll catch up soon I promise! Happy Sunday :)