dear santa.

My boyfriend and I set a budget this year for Christmas gifts. Come to find out I have very expensive taste. (surprise surprise.) I had a very hard time coming up with things I wanted that were under $50. So for the fun of it, here are a few things I think are pretty (and pretty awesome) that I won't be getting this year. haha

The crazy part is this list includes no camera gear (which is where most of the dollar signs are.) Why did I pick such an expensive profession and art form? Like I said, expensive taste. :)

One of these cameras. The color is B-E-A-U-tiful!

 These colors are pretty too...

These bow ties are so adorable. If I had an extra $85 laying around I'd buy one for the boyfriend :)

This camera bag is a bit on the girly side, but I'm in love.

I want to buy every apron on this site. Actually, I'd like to buy everything on this site. But this one is my favorite!

 And I've been on a mad hunt for a beautiful camera strap that's also functional. Not sure if I found it yet but these are pretty great.

And I've been pining over a subscription to this beautiful publication for a few months now. It's made by the same ladies that produced these books:

(Which are also on my long standing wish list.)

And last but not least, the Julia Child in me thinks one of these would be fabulous...

That's all for now folks. Have a Merry Christmas. I hope you got everything you wished for, including good company, good wine, and good food. :)