Allie + Richard // married

At a wedding, something always goes wrong. It's just one of those known paradoxes to life that no matter how much you plan or rehearse, things get changed. But at the end of the day all that matters are the little things that feel so, so right. And Allie and Richard's wedding was no different. 

I adored the way he kissed the bridge of her nose, like his lips belonged there. And I liked that they were all about balance. She was the loud to his quiet, he was the calm to her nerves. I liked that even her mom, who admitted herself that she liked to talk, could do nothing but cry when she saw Allie in her dress. There were no words, just pure emotion. And that's what a wedding day is. I mean, why else would I cry behind my camera during their first dance? Some would argue it's because I'm a romantic, emotional sap (which couldn't be more true.) But the real truth is that Allie and Richard deserve each other. They loved. And I felt it. It was contagious. 

Thank you both (and your wonderful friends and family) for letting me be a part of it all. 


a day in august.

She wore mascara in the ocean and pearl earings on the beach.
Her eyes the color of the water.
Her skin the shade of sunset,
         burnt by the summer's sun.


I have no words for you today. Only pictures.


Jeremy + Vanessa // Salt Lake City, Utah

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the most rewarding part of going to the Rocky Mountain School of Photography wasn't the photography, it was the people. (The strangers that quickly became friends that then quickly became family.) It's allowed me to have connections with people all over the world, a bed to crash on in San Fransisco, an extended vacation in Florida, and endless amounts of support, inspiration, and online advise whenever I need it. AND in June it gave me the opportunity to not only shoot a beautiful wedding for one of my classmates, but shoot it with another dear friend and classmate as well. In the middle of my crazy three week road trip through the south I flew to SLC and spent the weekend doing what I love with people who share the same passion.

Jeremy, it was great to see you again and Vanessa, it was wonderful to finally meet you (and both of your families.) Thank you both for inviting me to share this day with you. It was beautiful, fun, and the doughnuts were delicious!

To see Kimber's work (head photographer and my partner in crime during Jeremy and Vanessa's wedding) visit  her blog: http://kimberhansen.blogspot.com/

And to see the groom's photography go here: http://jeremykoons.com/

Both reside in California, but love to travel. :)