christy & mike // at home

I knew the minute Christy first emailed me that I'd like her. She said she loved my "creative soul" and couldn't wait to see what "magic I'd stir up" in her home. And I knew I'd get along just fine with her husband Mike the day we met because before I'd even taken off my shoes he was pouring me a glass of wine.

They've been in each others lives for 47 years. It started in high school during lunch breaks when Mike would bribe his teacher with peanuts just so he could spend any extra minute he had across town with Christy. They went to different high schools, but it never kept them apart for too long. Now, years later they've traveled the world, had several kids, and can be found most evenings trying new food in their kitchen or drinking wine on the back porch, a place where Christy says they "have their best conversations."

Long story short, Mike and Christy didn't need a photographer to stir up any magic. It was there all along.