Ice has a funny way of not only freezing everything it touches, but seeming to freeze time as well. My last three days have been spent trying to stay warm. literally. Our house, along with all the other houses and businesses in town, lost electricity. I finished 2 books by candlelight (both ironically memoirs about girls who love to cook.) I slept a lot. Cuddled with my dog (she made for an amazing foot warmer!) Laughed with my mom at the ridiculousness of the situation. Took a walk with my camera, and thought. I thought a lot. 

I don't recommend spending three days in a 20 to 30 degree house, but I do recommend the adventure, 
and the peace of mind. 

From my journal, Jan 30 twenty ten :

There's something about the sound of the trees that speaks to me.
On my walk yesterday they creaked and moaned as if they ached, and were tired. Heavy with ice, they could hold no more weight. Many of them had already lost a limb, or split entirely in half from all the pressure. The entire world around them was quiet. Abnormally quiet. It wasn't until the wind moved and the branches swayed that their voices could be heard.

happy winter.
warm thoughts to you all.