I took a lot of pictures this week without even leaving my desk. I'm amazed and delighted by the corner of green life that lives by my window. It's a far contrast from the drab, dreary lack of life outside. (Can't wait for Spring!) I ate a cupcake that stuck it's tongue out at me and shared some bread recipes with an online friend. Oh, and I ordered new business cards too! Bring on the business!


Aren't you supposed to crave sweets when you are a kid? Sugar and spice and all things nice, right? That's what little girls are made of. Isn't there some unwritten rule to get into the candy drawer, your mom's purse, and demolish ALL of your Christmas stocking candy...the morning of Christmas? I guess somewhere along the way my sisters and I went wrong (or maybe right) and just weren't ever like that. I mean, It would take a month to eat our Halloween candy and maybe two months (or more) to finish off the giant chocolate bunny in our Easter baskets. I don't think I even had a cavity until High School. (And haven't had another one since.)

The older I get though, I don't just crave sweets - I NEED them. It's weird. It used to be chocolate all the time (especially if combined with peanut butter.) Cake and cookies never did it for me. Now, it's anything. I secretly hope to get away with a piece of wedding cake at every wedding I photograph. It doesn't help either that I live with a man that has no self control and can finish off a whole tub of ice cream while I'm out running errands. (BTW hiding the empty carton in the bathroom trash doesn't fool me.) And after dinner, or sometimes while we're making dinner, the question is what we're going to have for dessert. Not IF we're having desert, but what. Oh and P.S. the older I get the worse my will power is too.

So, when all week I started finding Reese's hearts all over the vicinity of my desk I had to smile. I also had to smile when my red velvet cupcakes turned out perfect. They were gone within two days. I love holidays. And I love excuses to eat unnecessary amounts of sugar. :) 


serious delights.

I was excited when a local bakery was hiring recently. Fearing that my winter months as a photographer would be slow and my bank account would be empty, I started scouting for a part time second job. I always thought it would be fun to work in a bakery - icing cupcakes, mixing bread, rolling pastry... I guess it goes along with my other long time fantasy of working in a flower shop. I think that idea was stemmed from the movie Bed of Roses when I was like eleven years old. I saw the movie again in recent years and it's romantic dreaminess that I loved as a child has turned corny. But, I digress. I first learned of Serious Delights at the Durango Farmers Market this past summer. My boyfriend and I made frequent stops at their booth every weekend to indulge in cheese danishes, green chili and cheddar croissants, and mini apple pies. yum.

They filled the position at the bakery, but noticed on my resume that I was a photographer and called me up. They're working on a new website and needed pictures. My disappointment for not getting to work in their shop was quickly dissolved at the idea of food photography. All said and done, Robert, Kelly, and their staff were so easy and fun to work with. I always love when my artistic vision matches what a client wants and our working style is  also similar. I Can't wait to work with them again. Here are a few of my favorites from the day...


I really thought this video of Priscilla Ahn and her husband was sweet. I've always thought her voice was like a bird. I saw her in concert once and she's what inspired me to learn the ukulele (someday!)

Happy Valentines Day



Nothing says football more than pink cupcakes with sparkles. I made these lovely little cakes for a Superbowl party last weekend. I'm not sure how big of a hit they were because of the highly competitive chips & dip and the jalapeno poppers (stuffed with garlic, cream cheese, little smokies, and wrapped in bacon.) Lets be honest, it's hard for anything to compete with bacon. But Chad and I sure enjoyed the leftover cupcakes later. So much that our mouths hurt from all the sugar.   Here's my week  :)