A recipe for my thoughts...

I took my bike downtown today. Bought some spinach and cucumbers at the farmers market and got a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. I found a spot under a tree in the park and just laid there for a long, long time. It was a good time to just ponder about life. What does it all mean? And does it really matter? I wrote, read poetry, and took pictures. And mostly just stirred my thoughts around, hoping to come up with the recipe for some answers to a lot of questions.

I wanted to share a poem. It hits a spot in me that I can't quite describe.

The Road

I have just
caught a glimpse
of what my life
is to become
for a second I could see
around the curve
and wondered where you were
your bright face
no longer
beside the road
your hands
no longer lending
themselves to familiarity

I saw Love
in the rear view mirror
with its red skirt
about it's knees
to catch up
and before the curve
swallowed itself again
I remember
There is all this love
but nowhere for it to grow
each second continually
devours the next
and we're moving too fast
for it to fasten
it's roots
to the wind


other pictures I took today........

Last night after class, I didn't want to go home. So naturally, I took pictures. My goal was to work on this zone assignment for class, but, like always I got distracted. This time it was old buildings and reflections. and Purple. :-)

This week, I had to turn in an assignment that best represented a photograph from a list of eras/photographers from history and try and re-create their style. I chose modernism and the inspiration of photographers like Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, and Tina Modotti. I really liked their style. All black and white photos of things and people that to me felt very sensual. They all photographed quite a few nudes, often in nature. Edward had a thing for making bell peppers, squash, or even sea shells look sexy with the composition and lighting. I wanted to capture that sensual, natural feel in my photograph. I was a little frustrated because I felt the project was something I could see spending a lot of time on, and ended up feeling rushed to complete it. I guess I spent too much energy on my slide show.

My beautiful model and friend, Claire!

The rest of these are just random shots I've taken the last couple days...

"Artists are controlled by the life that beats in them,
like the ocean beats on the shore.
-Dorthea Lange