a family affair.

My boyfriend calls me a "southern bell." I definitely grew up in the south, and spent my first 12 years on a dairy farm, but I never wore cow girl boots, showed pigs in the 4H club, or chased after Wrangler-wearing cowboys. Well, not until two weeks ago that is. 

meet Jake...

yeah, I know right??! Probably the cutest darn cowboy I've ever seen. Jake is Peyton's older brother. Their mom Angie, loved the last impromptu pictures I took so much, that we planned a shoot with the three of them. It was quite an adventurous afternoon,even up to the point when I got to take a brake and play with Angie's friendly baby goats. Oh and by the way, I've always wanted goats, but now I really, really want a goat. :)

Anyways, I had a really hard time picking out my favorites from the shoot. Hope you enjoy my choosing. :)

One of my favorites... Angie you are such a beautiful mom!