best of.

As I looked through over 13,000 photos taken in 2010 I realized it's been an amazing year. Now, before you go thinking that this sounds so typical of what everyone says this time of year, let me explain. I've often been frustrated this year that I didn't book my own weddings, camp or hike enough (seeing as I DO live in nature's playground now.) I only went tubing on the river once, didn't make as many new friends as I'd expected, and didn't travel enough. Looking back, I could of lived it up a little more. But also, looking back, I realized that under the circumstances the last 365 days have held a million amazing moments that I wouldn't trade in for anything. I also realized that a lot of my favorite moments of 2010 aren't archived in a picture, which can only mean I was truly living in those moments, instead of trying to preserve them. I also noticed that some of my favorite memories aren't sharp, technically correct, or even blog worthy. But they make me laugh out loud and get warm fuzzies just thinking about them. Yes, I just said warm fuzzies. So, here they are: my favorite (photographed) moments of 2010...

the biggest ice storm I'd ever seen.

being without power (or heat) for 4 days.

ice cold Pepsi.

selling my couch for $500 on Craigslist an hour after I posted it.
(moving money!)

a Valentine.

a freezing, ridiculous photo shoot.

a good night and good dinner.

a surprise visit.

watching my best friend meet her new niece. 

a sushi party with best friends.

the constant, beautiful light in this room.

holding a baby goat.

the cowboy that stole my heart.

unpacking in a new home.

said new home.

seeing my boyfriend's art in a beautiful gallery.

photographing a happy, new mom.

a Spring snow.

Summer bliss.

the best strawberries I have ever tasted.

eating a lot of kabobs on our garage sale grill.

spontaneous photo dates.

practicing flash before our first wedding.

said first wedding.

dancing in the Santa Fe sun.

a windy photo shoot.


Mesa Verde.

lazy days.

meeting (and shooting with) Nikki Ritcher.

cherry cobbler.

Daphnie's best summer.

using my passport the first time!

a carnival prize.

an even better carnival prize.

wind in your face.

personal projects.

personal moments.

my dog (and my) first backpacking experience.

getting a full page spread. :)

apple picking.

laying in the driveway, waiting for a Fall storm.

a much needed road trip.

an Oklahoma sunset.

sharing clothes and going out.

cooking with my sister.

a German-ish birthday.

pumpkin shakes.

senior moments.

photographing a dear friend and her pup.

putting my feet in the Pacific!

Thanks for making the last year so great.