Erica- Durango senior.

Someone gave me the nickname "Legs" a few years ago. I'm only 5'8" but grew up standing in the back row with the guys for a group photo, getting asked all the time if I played basketball, and was mistaken for a college student numerous times(in 7th grade.) I remember not wanting to wear heels in High School because then I was even taller than my boyfriend. I was self conscious. I never thought of myself as tall, because 5' 8" was all I knew. I think it was just an illusion though, because it was all in my legs. I'd wear shorts that fit standard school dress code, but would still get stopped in the hallway to do the finger check, making sure the edge of my shorts met the edge of my index finger. 

Erica is the same way. I kept wanting to call her "Legs" out of nostalgia for my own old nickname. We had so much fun on this photo shoot. Hanging out in abandoned houses and random street corners. She loves fashion, so I strived to make her photographs scream to be on magazine pages. Lets just say she made my job easy. :)

Kelly- Durango senior.

She instantly reminded me of myself 5 years ago. Quiet at first, studious, artsy, stylish, easy going. Excited about her future, excited about today. The way she and her mom looked at one another and laughed, almost as if they had their own code language, reminded me of my mom and I. 

I couldn't wait to take her picture.

Kelly, congratulation on finishing high school, and fully being you. You're beautiful. Thanks for letting me peak into your life for a minute. I loved what I saw. :)