I wish I could say I took this picture. If I had, I would have been with my mom and one of her best friend's in the early 70's on a road trip from Evansville, Indiana to Great Falls, Montana. As she wrote on the back of one of the pictures, "camping along the way, deciding where as we went in my '65 Chevy Impala."  :)

I found this picture, along with a few others in a box my mom sent me after my recent move to Colorado. I'd seen most of the pictures before, but I didn't remember this one, and it struck me. There was something about the light, the look on her face, the mountains, and her free spirit that spoke to me. She's about my age in this picture, routing out her own path of discovery and drinking it in.

I immediately pinned it to my bulletin board right next to my computer and can't help but glance at it every day. It reminds me how young I am, how life is an adventure, and to be myself and enjoy it.

She's beautiful, courageous, and smart. I think we would of been best of friends in the 70's, cause we're best of friends now.

Happy Birthday Mom.