a doggy dog day.

I cried today. To a complete stranger. Over the phone. 

Let me back up a bit because I'm getting ahead of myself.

My dog has cancer.

For those of you that follow my blog and have never met Daphnie, you probably feel like you know her. I've had someone tell me that I post too many photos of her. And just this week, had a portrait client ask to see more of my work because, "I went to your blog, but there were no people." I thought to myself, "yeah, lately it's all a furry-faced, pink-tongued, floppy-eared friend of mine that's been hogging all of the space in my internet blogging world." But it makes sense. She's very photogenic. And she is in fact, my best friend.

So when the vet called me this evening to talk, I listened. Then I numbly said nothing as she waited for my reply. Still, nothing. I kind of wished she was still talking- about anything. Her favorite color, what she ate for lunch, etc. Anything but bad news. And that's when the tears came. I felt silly. I had only met her this morning. And even though I'm naturally an emotional sap I normally wait at least a couple weeks before I'll let my wall down and cry. Days maybe, I don't know. But not eight hours.

It was dinner time and I couldn't tell if I was even hungry anymore. It was one of those circumstances I'd normally say "To hell with it" and order a pizza and watch a chick flick, despite the countless hours of photo editing I had ahead of me. Instead, I chose the more thought out, healthy route of cooking stir fry. Cooking always helps. This time though, I stood in front of the stove like an idiot not knowing what to do first. Chop the onion? Start the rice? Wash last nights dishes so that I actually have plates to eat on? I wasn't sure. Daphnie was there though, as always, staring up at me waiting for a crumb to fall. Waiting 'till all this cooking nonsense was over and we could just cuddle. At least someone had their priorities straight. And that's why I love her.