I've learned in the last couple of months, that it's hard sometimes when you're trying to be a professional photographer, and so is your boyfriend. Especially under tough circumstances. Like paying rent and school loans, supporting excessive eating habits, working two-three jobs, adapting to living in a new city, etc. Tensions can get high. And that is why this blog post isn't entirely about our good friends Amy, Jeremy and their little baby bump, Simon. It's really dedicated to Chad. He was supposed to take these pictures, not me. But due to working jobs that have nothing to do with our photography, he couldn't. And, due to the goodness of his unselfish heart, he gave the job to me. And I am so grateful.

I don't really know very many people in Durango yet, but I'm glad that of the few I do know, Amy and Jeremy are two of them. I went to their home to photograph maternity pictures, not really knowing what to expect. I thought we'd do a few personal, intimate shots in the house and then venture outdoors to a more naturalistic location. We are after all, in beautiful Colorado. Not to mention the two of them are the type to usually be found outside biking, running, climbing, camping, etc. It only made sense. It's a funny thing though. I was there a little over two hours and not once did we leave their house. 

Sometimes, when I photograph...okay...every time I photograph I get caught up in the moment and before I know it the shoot is over. It was no exception with these guys. I found myself enjoying the personal challenge of finding ways to use the house as a backdrop. Their home. It is after all where you collect yourself at night together. It's where you can be you, be messy. And where the baby will spend so many of his first years. I even broke out my flash (which I almost NEVER do) and combined it with a lot of natural light by bouncing it. I needed to be behind my camera again. I needed the challenge. And I needed the laughs. Thanks Jeremy :)

The mural in the nursery was absolutely beautiful...

Special thanks to Daisy and Gus (dogs.) They were excellent troopers. Oh and sorry for the excessive amount of photos. I had a hard time picking out my favorites. These are only a handful. I decided that if I'm ever pregnant, I want to look as cute as Amy...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're having a great weekend :)


my spring coat.

I woke up Monday morning and it was snowing. It's late April. It doesn't snow in April where I'm from. I guess that was nature's way of saying, "Welcome to the west."

Either way it was beautiful. Huge, wet clumps of heavy snow. Adorned in my winter boots, pea coat, mittens, and camera- I went exploring. I figured it was maybe the last chance I'd get to wear my favorite plaid thrift store coat and furry suede boots that i waited years to finally let myself buy. But then again, I do live in Colorado now. Maybe I won't tuck them away just yet...



the color purple.

A few of my dedicated readers may remember this post from last October.

Well, I don't think my trusty little violet ever bloomed, but it stayed alive after school, all the way back to Oklahoma. It thrived up until the point of a dreadful ice storm that blew across the great plains this winter. Our house was without power for 4 days and the temperature inside got well below freezing. I miraculously stayed warm and alive, but my fuzzy little plant did not. Instead of trying to bring it back to life, I took a deep breath, and dumped it outside in the flower bed. Soil and all. 

That plant had been with me through several moves, several boyfriends, several career changes, and a lot of ups and downs. And the crazy part is, when I bloomed, so did she.

On my recent move to Colorado, I got rid of most of my things in order to travel light. The only living thing I took with me this time was my dog. Packing and moving was stressful, but I think it has been even harder once I got to my destination- adjusting to a new town, trying to live with a new roommate, trying to find jobs, and most importantly trying to be a photographer. So, in all the craziness of getting settled in, last week my sweet boyfriend came home with a little surprise. He always knows the right time to do something, and this time was no exception. 

He bought me a new violet. And she's perfect. 
He laughed at me later, as I sat by the window for a very long time with the plant and my macro lens. But I didn't care. Hopefully I can bloom just as beautifully in this new town as she is.



I'm kind of a food junkie. Not a junk food junkie. But a "foodie."
There was a day I would have been embarrassed to admit that. It makes me sound like such a fatty. A gross pig. But then, in the back of my mind I can hear Julia Child saying, "I love to eat!" and know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that. I obsess over good food blogs chock full of recipes and exquisite, almost edible photographs. Blogs that value not only the quality of food, but the beautiful, wholesome way it's presented. I pine over food magazines like Martha Stewart Living and wish someday I could be published in them. I tear them apart until the plastic binder I hold them in is literally bursting at it's seams. I like the simple things too. My collection of vintage aprons, the way a perfect ball of bread dough feels between my hands, and the melodic ease of chopping endlessly with a very sharp knife. I love trying new things, at least once. I wish someday I could travel the world letting food lead the way- and take pictures of course.

But yes, you've caught me. This is my other, other secret life. Food.
My boyfriend and I just moved in together. He hasn't learned yet that when I say I will make dinner, that I'm not just trying to be a nice domestic girlfriend. It's really me saying, "No, I need to make dinner." It's My therapy. My escape. Especially if there's a good glass of red wine in one hand.

So, I decided a few days ago, to not hold myself back on sharing with you my creative loves, even if they aren't directly, 100% photographic. Somehow or another pictures will always be involved. I just can't help that. When life gets difficult and I feel disconnected to my photography I have to remember the things that bring me happiness and allow me to create. Somehow like magic, these things always lead me back to my camera. And of course, if I get an excuse to not only eat something yummy but ALSO take pretty pictures of it, then count me IN!

So, here's to being published someday in Martha Stuart Living. And to creating. Because when I'm creating, I feel like me again. :)


As a moving gift, a dear friend gave me a new cook book. It was almost as exciting as a new lens. Almost. She said it was chose most in part because of the photographs. This is a sign she knows me well. It's Williams Sanoma's Comfort Food. You can't go wrong with comfort food- and the pictures were great. If someone gave me the assignment to photograph an entire cookbook I think I'd be in heaven. Anyway, here's the recipe. I used a medium size cast iron skillet and probably a little more cheese than what's called for. But whatever, that's what I do.

2 small Yukon Gold Potatoes
Olive Oil, 2 tbsp
yellow onion, 1/2 cup chopped
Red bell pepper, 1
Large eggs, 8
Fresh Rosemary, 1tsp minced
Kosher Salt, 3/4 tsp
Freshly ground Black Pepper (to taste)
Parmesan Cheese, freshly grated 3tbsp

Thinly slice the unpeeled potatoes. In an ovenproof pan, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the potatoes and turn to coat. Cover and cook until tender (about 20 minutes.) Uncover and Stir in the onion. Cook until lightly browned (about 5 min.)
Meanwhile, preheat the broiler. Place the red pepper on a baking sheet, turning, until blackened on all sides. Transfer to a work surface, and when cool enough to handle, peel off the blackened skin, discard the stem and ribs. Chop.
Stir the red pepper into the potato mixture. In a bowl, whisk together the egg, rosemary, salt, and pepper. Pour the egg over the potatoes and cook until the edges begin to set. Using a heat proof spatula, lift the cooked edges to let the liquid egg on top flow underneath. Continue cooking until the top is almost set. Sprinkle the cheese on top and place under the broiler for a couple minutes until cheese is melted to a golden brown. Cut and serve!


yesterday's yesterday.