Twas a good morning. Hot tea in bed. Sweet boyfriend.  Furry little cuddle monster.

It snowed in the mountains last night. With a chill in the air we made hot breakfast: oatmeal and eggs with the best vegetarian sausage ever. (It's made by Field Roast. Flavor, Smoked Apple Sage...yuuumo.) You could say Chad and I are addicted. We discovered it in Missoula last summer while shopping for kabob goodies. It also makes for an amazing hot dog in a whole wheat bun with sauerkraut.  I love finding yummy vegetarian foods. Well, any yummy food for that matter.

I also love days like today. The skies are gray with little flickers of sun peaking out. I'm all cozy in my new favorite green t-shirt and warm grandma sweater. I think I'll bake bread and something with bananas. This can only mean one thing:

Any good brown banana recipes?