one year.

A year ago today I filled my tiny Honda Civic and a small U-haul trailer with everything I owned. I pulled away from my hometown in southern Oklahoma on that foggy morning listening to Alexi Murdoch and headed west. Over 13 hours later I arrived in Durango, Colorado and unloaded my belongings into a house a little bigger than the U-haul they came in. It was Daphnie's first big road trip!

We've come a long way in a year. 

We finally have a couch, coffee table, and more than two plates to eat on. The shoebox we live in slowly but surely turned into a cozy place to come home to at night. Daphnie and I both have learned to run on trails,  ice, and go backpacking. We enjoy cooler summers, walking everywhere, and all the great choices for local, healthy food. 

This photo was taken from the switchback trail behind  our house three days after our move.

Even though the last year has been somewhat of a roller coaster at times and moving to a brand new place where no one knows you is very tough, I've learned no matter what that change is still a good thing. I heard a quote yesterday thatreally stuck with me.

"If there was no change, there'd be no butterflies."    :)