an apple a day.

Fall is my favorite season by far. I usually associate it with pumpkin carving, a new season of the office, homemade candied apples, new school supplies, and of course, the amazing weather (just to name a few.) But from now on I can add roadside apple picking to the list. My boyfriend can spot an apple from a mile away, kind of like one of my best friends in high school could spot a cop when we were driving on the drag. I'm not sure which talent is more useful, but for today I'll go with apple spotting. 

Oh and for the record, we have cooked and demolished two apple cobblers in about 4 days. Yay us.

and a couple from the home front:

and a few because, well, I just couldn't help myself.

Hope everyone is having an AMAZING weekend! I'm shooting a wedding all day today!