Lately, I've been feeling a bit restless. Restless to get behind my camera and create.  I want to feel that rush I get when the light is perfect, or the tingle down low in my gut when my subject looks right through my lens and into me. That moment when things click. I've been missing that.

But, it's winter and things are slow. Not to mention I've been in a funky creative rut for months. I promised myself I'd turn the uninspired down time into productive time and work on organizing, web presence, marketing, branding, a new website, booking weddings, personal projects, etc. etc. etc. The list is always endless and although I'm excited I'm also a bit overwhelmed. And lets be honest, this part of a business, especially for a creative minded lady like myself, is BORING. So, as I made my coffee this morning and sat down to read a few of the blogs I follow (a daily ritual) something in me felt different, shall I dare even say inspired. All I kept thinking was, "Man I want to shoot a wedding." I really really want to get behind my camera and shoot. I want to jump on a plane and land in a new city. I want to be YOUR photographer. I want to create little moments of magic and tell stories. I want to tell YOUR story.

Here are a few very random moments from the stories I told in 2012 in no particular order. More detailed posts to come from each of these weddings throughout the coming months! 

Contact me if your interested in inviting me to your wedding. I'll bring my cameras and click a few shots. I have a feeling you won't be disappointed.

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