a sure thang.

some happy things I can count on:

  • huckleberry tea = sure to create a comforting/aching nostalgia for Montana.
  • fresh bed sheets = sure to make for a perfect nights rest.
  • peanut butter = has been/always will be my staple food. (have I ever mentioned the crazy amount of peanut butter that I eat? It's kind of insane.)
  • my dog = her breath will always stink, but her kisses are sure to make you feel loved.
  • best friend = hardly see each other, but if I need her, she's the first one to offer blunt advise, beer, and cute clothes to borrow (or keep in our case.) 
  • The Office or Friends = two shows I know will make me laugh out loud.
  • my camera = sure fire way to "de-stale" my creativity, provoke feeling, and help me to feel whole and right with my place in this world.
  • shaved ice and sweet syrup = no doubt that summer has arrived.
  • East Meets Southwest = a sushi and wine experience that will always leave you feeling ridiculously satisfied. (and changed my mind about raw food!)
  • thunderstorms = comforting therapy for my soul.
  • Harry Connick Junior = a voice like melted butter on a warm biscuit.
  • sharpie retractable ultra fine markers = best thing to write/ doodle with.
  • dove bar soap = moisturizing, fresh, removes makeup, and works better than any shaving cream. 
  • buying new underwear = a simple joy. no one sees them, but you know they're cute.

 and finally, this guy:


he's pretty easy on the eyes, and probably the surest thing I know. A constant source of knowledge, encouragement, weird food combinations, and spontaneity. He knows the difference in love and tough love, and gives them to me in healthy doses, like a daily medicine. He's the surest of all sure thangs.

Thanks for the visit and the opportunity to take these fine photographs...