Lauren + Joey :: Knoxville, TN ::: PART THREE

When it was all said and done I shot for well over 20 hours during Lauren and Joey's wedding (rehearsal included.) Just when the reception was over, at the point when most weddings would end, the best part of the day was just getting started. We jumped in the car and drove to a family owned junkyard where we met the hair dresser for touch ups and to do a quick photo shoot. This is the same junkyard where in just a couple short hours all of the family and guests from the ceremony would reconvene for what might be one of the coolest wedding receptions in history - a Halloween costume party complete with a live band, fire barrels, a photo booth made from a junkyard truck, lots of booze, a homemade vegan buffet, prizes, and some amazing dancing. The junkyard was a perfect backdrop, for both the photo shoot and the party. Check back tomorrow for the fourth and final installment of this fun fall wedding.

And in case you missed it, you can see parts I and II: