work and play.

The following pictures are a true testament that every wedding is so, so, SO different. It's also a testament that my work fashion improved as the season matured. That is if "improvement" means shooting a wedding reception in an 80's prom dress. I love weddings. They are the most challenging job I've ever had, and I'm not just talking about photography. But they are also the most rewarding. And if these images are a testament to anything, it's that.

I thought it would be fun to put together behind the scenes photos of me at work in 2011, shot by each of my lovely assistants along the way. Each wedding was shot in a different city and all but one was shot in a different state. Looking back at these pictures makes me want to shoot a winter wedding right now. (Please call me if interested!) It also makes me appreciate my "job." I mean, where else can you wear lipstick in your teeth, teased hair, and a princess crown and call it work? Never mind, don't answer that.

Special thanks to Jenna, Claire, and Chad for the photos.