I have felt very lackluster lately. The job I finished up this week drained me of all my post-sick energy. And the 150 children I encountered came bearing germs that my weakened immune system apparently wasn't ready to handle. I found myself up several times Wednesday night with an awful sore throat followed by a few days of cold symptoms, Zicam lozenges, and lots and lots of vitamins. So, I apologize in advance for the large amount of Daphnie photos, particularly Daphnie photos that involve her laying around like a bum. There's been a lot of cuddling and resting in the King household. I slept until 1:00pm on Friday. Normally I'd be ashamed to admit such a thing, but not this time. Not when my body obviously needed it. And boy did it feel gooooooood. That combined with a glass of medicinal liquor (Fernet) I sipped on at a moonshine party this weekend were the cures I needed to get my body back to normalcy.  Now that the weather is hinting little resemblances to springtime, I can't wait to start running again and doing yoga like a normal, healthy person. My body and mind could use a little refreshing. I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Now, off to yoga class I go!