Confession:  I let myself get way, way too distracted this weekend by the sunshine and outdoors. My to-do list is daunting, much of it involving hours in front of the computer. But it's hard when the weather is so yummy. Yes, I said yummy. That's how a local recently described winter in Florida to me. And she couldn't be more right. The tourists have thinned out, the local produce is thriving, the nights are cool, and the days are perfect. Apparently, I am house sitting at the wrong time of year. Just as I am preparing to leave for a wintery wonderland, the seasonal Floridians are getting back in town, hanging up their coat and slathering on their sunscreen. Winter is going to kick me in the ass. But, since we're on the topic of confessions, I have to admit I'm kind of looking forward to it. I have been craving the sound of crunchy snow under my feet, hot chocolate, snow angels, and mittens. This trip was shocking to my system, but in the end it was good for me. So I think the cold will do the same. It will be refreshing. So here's to the end of one yummy winter, and the beginning of another!



A friend informed me recently, in the most loving way, that I was a little uptight about my photography. (And she was right.) That a good picture isn't always about sharpness or perfect timing. It's about play and imperfection too. And then tonight, I told someone else to get out of their head and just be. To quit thinking and just shoot. I said, "That's when the magic happens." And as it rolled off my tongue I felt the cheesiness of my words. But, in the same breath I knew I was right.

I'll never forget the night this image was created - or the days that lead up to it in preparation. Hours were spent at thrift stores trying on dresses. I picked up carboard boxes from the grocery store to cut out countless stars. Blue craft paints and glitter were purchased. String and clothes pins were hunted down. And Chad, my partner in crime, was there for it all, even adding the last of the glitter to my stars. We had been at class all day and had class the next morning too. But that didn't keep us from being out until 2AM creating and having fun. I never did get the perfect image I wanted, but what I did get was nothing short of magical. The process was magical too. I guess that's what happens when you just let go.

the day I turned twenty-five.

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I was a little bit lazy this week with my camera. Okay, I was really lazy. I haven't hardly touched it for two weeks. I used it so much towards the end of October that I needed a break. Instead, I've been on the computer a lot, working on images, and also on my iphone taking instagrams. If you like Everyday Sunday and have an iphone, you should join me over on instagram. I go by haileylyn.



I met her two years ago at a time in my life when I was feeling fearless, curious, and open to new things. I had taken the leap and moved to Montana for an intense 6 months of photography training. It was scary, but I craved the thrill. I had chopped 13 inches off of my hair the Fall before school and so was desperately wanting it to grow back. When I met Claire all of that went out the window and I instantly wanted to chop it off again. (In my own bathroom with a pair of craft scissors. At 2:00 AM.) She has that effect on me, and I'm pleased to say some things never change. Except when I saw her this time I was not only tempted to cut my hair short but I also wanted to finally get a tattoo and my nose pierced (in all seriousness.) 

She's infectious, like a breath of fresh air. She's someone I feel comfortable telling anything, someone who nurtures (without intention) my creativity, someone who helps me to remember what's important in life, and more significantly, someone who makes me laugh. Everyone needs a Claire in their life. I've decided this. I'm glad I have mine.