Katie. [Marlow senior shoot.]

I've been truly grateful. I've told people for years that someday I'd be a professional photographer. Occasionally I'd get someone who would smile and say, "Oh that would be cool." They were the ones that thought I was talking about a hobby, you know, something you do on the weekends for fun. Something you did when you weren't doing your "real job." But, like I said, I've been truly grateful. Most of my friends and family believed in me from the very beginning, and with knowing eyes never doubted me. They'd watched me for years- painting, drawing, writing, modge-podging, cooking, exploring- always delving deep into a pool of creativity. And as I'm nowhere close to the photographer I hope to be, I look at where I am, and can't help but smile. I have a long way to go, but want to thank all of you, who always knew that photography was going to be my "real job." And better yet, it's not my job, it's who I am. Besides, it's not a job anyway if you enjoy it this much.

Katie was one of those people. I met her a year and a half ago. And although we didn't say much, we had a common interest that fell somewhere between the camera and a good photograph. She contacted me last fall after seeing senior pictures I had taken and said, "I want you to do my senior pictures." I was excited, and asked, "Okay, when are you available? How about next week?" She replied, "Um, how about next year? I'm still a Junior."  :)
So, here's to Katie. A girl who loved my photos (before I really even knew what I was doing), had faith in me, and waited a whole year and a trip to Montana and back until she could get them.

Katie, thanks for the pleasure. And thanks for believing in me.