seriously delightful.

I have been so fortunate in my photo career to have clients who are just as much of a fan of me as I am of them. In the case of Robert and Kelly it was no different. They are the couple behind Serious Delights Bakery (inside Natures Oasis grocery store in Durango, CO.) Not only do their creations look like works of art, but they are so delicious and are made with as many organic, local ingredients as possible. And if you're gluten free, don't sweat. They've got you covered. Be sure to grab a fruit danish and a loaf of bread at the Farmer's market every Saturday from May-October.

Lucky for me, these guys were returning customers. I took pictures for them in 2011, which you can find hanging on the bakery walls, Facebook, and their new website. But as their business has grown, so has their product line and web presence. So when my friend Clint at J3Media started designing their new website, Robert called me immediately for some updated photos. The wonderful thing about Robert is how much he appreciates what I do as an artist and he always gives me complete freedom to make the bakery my home while I'm there. The thing about bakeries that fascinates me is that there's a preciseness and science involved in everything they make, but at Serious Delights there's an ease and dance-like flow to the rhythm in which bread is rising and frosting is being spread. Few words are said, as everyone has a job and a quiet understanding of what that means. Maybe it's the methodical practice of working with your hands. Or maybe, just maybe, it's the strawberry french toast Robert cooked up for all of his employees the morning I was there. As he so carefully dusted each plate with powdered sugar, I couldn't help but feel so happy to be a part of the magic this little bakery creates every day.

Check out their new website, Facebook, and instagram.