It's not the most amazing picture.
But, I snapped it quickly Friday night as the wedding I had photographed all day was finally coming to an end. I wanted to remember me at that moment. That moment when photographing weddings was new. When it was a challenge, but extremely exciting. When I don't have all the equipment I want yet and rely solely on my eye and knowledge to get me through. I wanted to remember being the second photographer. The nameless girl in a new town with a box FULL of business cards sitting at home on the shelf. That girl who has wanted this for five, going on six years. The girl that will someday look at this picture when she's a hot item on the photography market and feel humbled that I made it happen- every step of the way. You will want me to photograph your wedding, you just don't know it yet.


p.s. I'm also the girl that took pictures for 2-3 hours that day (including ceremony) with her pants unzipped.