I've had my eye on a particular hummingbird for a couple weeks now. I discovered her (it's a girl, of course) on a run one morning by the river trail south of town. I had been running for a while and finally stopped to rest for a moment in the shade under a tree that hung out over the water. As I caught my breath and looked up, right in front of me was this sweet little buzzing flash. Only a few feet away, it took my eyes a moment to focus on it. As it quickly landed in it's tiny nest I immediately felt like I had discovered something magical and secret no one else knew about. I grew up only seeing hummingbirds when my mom or grandma hung a feeder out the window. I thought the only way to see one was by luring it in with sweet sugar water and red food coloring. Of course, I new they existed elsewhere. But being so tiny and so fast, how would you ever find one?

I watched this little bird in amazement for a while. People walked and biked by looking at me and then looking in the direction of my gaze, not ever seeing what I saw. It's nest was probably 2 inches in diameter just barely big enough for it's little bird booty. So cute. I immediately planned on coming back with my camera. A couple days went by and I ended up going by the nest two more times without my camera. Both times, the bird sat chilling in the tree. In the mean time I discovered yet another one, AND it's nest in the tree shading my backyard. That one is there every morning and evening, like clock work. I've tried photographing it, but need a telephoto lens or a huge ladder. Chad about has me convinced to climb up on the shed. I wouldn't put it passed me to follow through with it.

Anyway, I finally made it down to the river with my camera this week. Daphnie came along. We sat by the tree for a long time, waiting patiently for her to show up. The nest was there, but it was dinner time and I started getting the distinct feeling she must have known about someone's house near by that had a plastic, ever-flowing fountain of red sugar water. That or she was hiding in the tree watching me, waiting for me to leave. 

So, a failed hummingbird sighting turned into a portrait session for my dog. I found the prettiest patch of yellow wild flowers and had to take advantage. I'm sure these are just pictures of a dog to you, but to me they are priceless. I could never get tired of looking at this face. She gets into the garbage can, steals my dirty underwear, and has horrible breath (imagine that.) But I love her more than anything. After almost 11 years I still say, "Oh my gosh look at Daphnie! She's so cute!" It's usually an exclamation on something she's done a million times before. But it gets me every time.

Happy 4th! Have a fantastic holiday!