bitter. sweet.

So, we had a BBQ. And the next day we graduated.
It was bittersweet, very bittersweet.
This past week has been full of more laughter and tears than I could of ever imagined. I have a new family, and in a few months they will live all over the United States, England, and India. They have changed my life forever. Each and every one of them. And I will miss them so, so, so much. This is a tribute to them. : )

Shadows, for Mel.

The Three Amigos.

She took my picture, I took hers.

"V" for... Victory!... Oh and Leadership!

I like how no matter how many pictures I took of Angie, she made this face. haha

Meat, meat, meat wrapped in bacon, and more meat. : )

Beer, and a box of Kleenex. And yes, we used both. Like I said, it was bittersweet.
re-uniting with loved ones.


lots, and lots of champagne. Lots. : )

As photographers, we learn to multi task. I still haven't gotten good at it, but Claire seems to be doing a superb job. Beer. Champagne. Cell phone. Need I say more?

The chicas.

The silly boys.

The aftermath.

Sorry to any of you who follow my blog. I realize I've been a bit bleak on posting. It's been a crazy few weeks. Summer Intensive was coming to an end and that meant Finals were due, late nights were prevalent, and lots of last minute classes were squeezed in before it was all said and done. Then came the parties, and the sleeping. The much needed sleeping. I have two weeks off until my next class starts (Wedding photography!), so I plan during that time to post more often, and finally show everyone what I've been working on so hard. I promise! I miss you all. Especially you Okies back home. : )