I'm not particularly great at multitasking. Sure, I always include it as a strength on resumes and job applications because there was that one year I worked at a bank and got really skilled at talking on the phone, handling multiple customer transactions, and counting money at the same time. But in real life, I'm not going to sugar coat it. I have a hard time cooking and having conversation. I can't edit photos and talk on the phone. When my desktop has too many windows open, I freeze up and have to de-clutter. And when I travel I don't find it easy to stay connected to the media and enjoy the trip at the same time. So forgive me, you sweet Sunday faithfuls, for my absence the last two weeks. I had a dear, dear (best) friend visit that I hadn't seen in two years. I shot two weddings. Flew to Knoxville. And I loved stepping away from the computer and having real conversations (instead of email or facebook.) It refueled me. 

*I just checked out of curiosity and I shot over 3500 images in the last two weeks. We have a lot of catching up to do!