Last Sunday was lame. Very lame. And I made it even more lame by not posting a blog. I thought about what to post all day but didn't want to force the words when there weren't any there. 

Unfortunately today didn't feel much different. I woke up feeling very empty. Something was out of place. I knew I had a lot of mundane tasks to do: clean, give the dog a haircut, and edit wedding photos for my other job. None of this excited me much. I haven't been taking enough pictures. Instead I've been behind my computer. I think it's a lot of things, but either way, I haven't felt like myself. But, for some reason I always feel like me when I wear this dress. It feels good when there are simple things like this you can count on. 

I took these pictures in my alley, shaded from the thick summer heat.

p.s. thanks to the random person who didn't want the chair anymore. Waking up to your trash in my alley was a treasure. :)