I'm already embarrassed that it's taken me this long to blog about Thanksgiving. But I figured it was better now than later because a week from today it will already be Christmas, and then I would really look silly. Boy how time flies.  

I got a call in late October from my big sister inviting me to come spend Thanksgiving with her and her husband. They had just moved to NYC only a couple short months before. It was my first time there, and I have to say the trip was magical. But, more on that later. Here are a few images from our cozy little holiday together in their small Brooklyn apartment. It was a perfect day I had (and have) a lot to be thankful for.
I loved the view in front of Chelsey and Jeff's apartment. There's an amazing cemetery to the left and to the right, lady liberty.



This is my sister. Isn't she cute?

Lately, I've been more stressed and overloaded than I've ever felt in my life. I've been like this for months now, but it's finally beginning to wear on me. Through the entire month of November I remember often thinking, "Wow, I feel like Superwoman." And as more work and more difficult situations arose I simply said, "BRING IT ON!" I don't know who I was talking to, but I do recall saying this aloud, and saying it with complete confidence that I could take it, whatever "it" was. I thrived off of the challenge. I felt strong. Then, a couple weeks ago I seemed to have misplaced my Superwoman cape as everything around me came to a screeching halt. My dog needed surgery, I was trying to plan a 2000 mile road trip, pack my life into a car, live out of a suitcase, find a place to live, find a job, complete photo shoots, fill client orders, and answer tons of emails. I had an art show that emotionally drained me and didn't make a penny, I was trying to make Christmas plans with my crazy family, and deal with heartache on several levels, among many other things. It was at this time that I text my sister late one night, crying. 

She said, "You don't have to be Superwoman to live your life. You can just be you."

So I just wanted to say a public thank you to my sister and to all of the people in my life lately that have had the right things to say at the right times. The people who have opened their doors to me, helped me solve problems, listened to me, ate cupcakes in the car before dinner with me, helped me hang an entire art show, fed me, hugged me, and let me be me. Not Superwoman, but me.

You know who you are. And I love you all.


2012 calendar.

I'm excited to announce that I have 2012 fine art calendars for sale just in time for the new year! I love the idea of a gift that last from January to December. I also love a good stocking stuffer, especially one that's handmade and supports (your favorite) artists. *wink wink*

The details:

12 loose calendar pages
size:  8.25" tall x 5.5" wide
heavy 110 cardstock

These calendars are designed with freedom and creativity in mind. Have fun with choosing your own way to display them in your home or office:  
  • String with wire and clothespins in an empty, over-sized frame. 
  • Frame one a month in a smaller frame on your desk. 
  • Hang a blank clipboard on your wall with a nail and then clip the current month to the board. 
  • Put a nail or tack in the wall with a bulldog clip on it. Clip the calendar to it.
  • Pin to your bulletin board or fridge. 
  • Use artist tacky to display on your wall or mirror.
  • I loved THIS display that can be purchased from Ikea here
  • Pick up THIS cute and inexpensive display.
  • Or, purchase an easel or picture stand (as shown below) from your local art supply store or in the frame/home decor isle at Target, Michaels, etc. 

AND when the month is over, cut the bottom off and you're left with a mini art print.


*OR, purchase from me personally and save yourself the shipping/handling fee. If you are in Oklahoma (OKC/Norman) or Colorado (Durango) I will be available before Christmas for purchasing. Email me and we'll get together:  haileykingphotography@gmail.com

Only a limited number available :)

Happy Holidays!


Hi. I'm Hailey. I'm a photographer. I know we've met, but it's been so embarrassingly long since I've said anything that I thought you might need the reminder. The last few weeks/month has been a whirlwind to say the least. I can't even begin to describe it to you, and I don't have the energy to honestly try. Let's just say that I couldn't help but laugh to myself a few days ago as I read over my massive, ever-growing to-do list. Mixed in with things like "email Meredith" and "frame art for show" I had listed the following two items:

find house.
find job.

I joked with a friend about it later that night. It hilariously describes the craziness that is my life lately. And even though I have to truthfully admit, the near future is a little daunting and scary for me, I look at what I've accomplished in just the last four weeks and I know that at this rate, I can damn near do almost anything. So bare with me again in the next few weeks as the posting thins out again and I become quiet. It just means I'm still on a roller coaster, hanging on to enjoy the ride.

We'll catch up soon I promise! Happy Sunday :)