willow & myles // engagement

I said -
"You guys look hot."

Willow replied with a comment obviously in reference to the early June temperatures. A clear misunderstanding because I was talking about anything but the weather. Decorated in her playful party dress, sparkly heels, fun jewelry, and his sharp suit and tie they were ready to battle the heat and do so in style.

Willow and Myles are professional mountain bike racers. And they should be professional models too. But I'm biased because I'm the lucky girl that got to look at them through my lens for a couple hours and gawk at their beauty, fun sense of fashion, and most importantly their love.

I'm so happy to share my favorites with you and for their exciting future together. Congrats!


christy & mike

More to come soon!


engagement teaser.

I have a lot of pretty things I'm excited to share with you very soon, but for now I'm going to be a tease and leave you wanting more. :)  Have a lovely weekend!

I've been on the road traveling to and around Oklahoma City for the last week, which explains why I've been so quiet. And as I cleared memory cards and prepped my camera bag for a wedding in Salt Lake City this weekend I came across these little gems. They were exactly what I needed to see and possibly just as rewarding (if not more) as finding a $5 bill in your winter coat pocket from the year before. :)



Candace and Matt.

Meet Candy:

I would give her a formal introduction but this is one of those moments when I feel pictures speak louder than words. She's gorgeous and her laugh is highly contagious. She's highly contagious. It's no wonder that when her fiance Matt met her back in high school he just couldn't let her go.

I had SUCH a great time with these two, wandering the downtown streets of Durango and soaking up the beautiful mountains that Southwest Colorado has to offer. I'd like to say a HUGE congratulations to Matt and Candy for their wedding this Saturday in their hometown of Ames, Iowa. And a huge congratulations for finding love. It's such a beautiful thing. :)