I've learned in the last couple of months, that it's hard sometimes when you're trying to be a professional photographer, and so is your boyfriend. Especially under tough circumstances. Like paying rent and school loans, supporting excessive eating habits, working two-three jobs, adapting to living in a new city, etc. Tensions can get high. And that is why this blog post isn't entirely about our good friends Amy, Jeremy and their little baby bump, Simon. It's really dedicated to Chad. He was supposed to take these pictures, not me. But due to working jobs that have nothing to do with our photography, he couldn't. And, due to the goodness of his unselfish heart, he gave the job to me. And I am so grateful.

I don't really know very many people in Durango yet, but I'm glad that of the few I do know, Amy and Jeremy are two of them. I went to their home to photograph maternity pictures, not really knowing what to expect. I thought we'd do a few personal, intimate shots in the house and then venture outdoors to a more naturalistic location. We are after all, in beautiful Colorado. Not to mention the two of them are the type to usually be found outside biking, running, climbing, camping, etc. It only made sense. It's a funny thing though. I was there a little over two hours and not once did we leave their house. 

Sometimes, when I photograph...okay...every time I photograph I get caught up in the moment and before I know it the shoot is over. It was no exception with these guys. I found myself enjoying the personal challenge of finding ways to use the house as a backdrop. Their home. It is after all where you collect yourself at night together. It's where you can be you, be messy. And where the baby will spend so many of his first years. I even broke out my flash (which I almost NEVER do) and combined it with a lot of natural light by bouncing it. I needed to be behind my camera again. I needed the challenge. And I needed the laughs. Thanks Jeremy :)

The mural in the nursery was absolutely beautiful...

Special thanks to Daisy and Gus (dogs.) They were excellent troopers. Oh and sorry for the excessive amount of photos. I had a hard time picking out my favorites. These are only a handful. I decided that if I'm ever pregnant, I want to look as cute as Amy...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're having a great weekend :)