Rylee Mac's.

Since living in Durango I've learned there's a big difference in the South and the Southwest. The biggest difference? Green Chili. It's in Everything. Baked Potatoes, burgers, breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, soup, salsa, and gravy. Yes, I ordered Green Chili biscuits and gravy at a local diner and it was to die for.

So when a graphic designer for a local establishment, Rylee Mac's, contacted me about getting a food shot for them, I wasn't surprised when she said they needed a picture of a bowl of Green Chili. Rylee Mac's is located in Durango, CO. and offers homemade yummy goodness of all kinds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition they also offer cooking classes. How fun! 



It feels like just yesterday that we were standing in her bedroom the summer before 7th grade trying on her clothes. Everyone's closet always seems more exciting than your own. There was a lot of laughter because I couldn't get any of her shirts to button and all of her pants were ridiculously short and tight on me. Oh how things change. We share clothes all the time now, that is when we're in the same town. And yes, her closet is just as exciting as it always was. 

Here are a few boudoir photos I took of one of my best friends. Out of privacy I can't share them all, although I'd love to because she's absolutely gorgeous.

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