this is my job.

One evening in late July I found myself sitting on the floorboard in the back of a car, in a dress, juggling two cameras and a few lenses as I shot out the back of an open hatchback for three miles in the pouring rain. I was shooting a wedding and Colorado "monsoon season" had come early, but it didn't rain on our parade. Well, it did, but we marched on anyway. All I kept thinking as I tried not to fall over with every turn of the car was: "Wow. This is my job."

I've had a lot of "this is my job" moments over the last few months. I've been on countless airplanes, shared tears with couples over their vows, leaned into the wedding cake to get the shot, explored new states, new cities, a beautiful botanical garden, a fancy chocolate shop, had some great food (maybe the best ice cream ever), and yes, even shot 30 people riding their bikes down a hillside in the rain. Next month I'll be flying to Florida for yet another adventure (aka job.) So, if I've been quiet around here, my apologies. I've been struggling with balancing everything lately, but feel grateful for this life, this career, and the genuine love from every single couple I photograph, near and far.

More from this Durango, CO. wedding soon. Stay tuned!