chipping away.

I decided what I'm going to do for my final today.
It feels weird to say that. For a lot of reasons.
And now that I know, I have a LOT of work to do in 3 weeks...

I've realized lately that I have a problem. But that it's a problem I hope never goes away. My mind is always on a massive creative overload. The ideas I have are so plentiful, and so varied in subject matter that I have a really hard time bringing myself back down to earth. I want to do them all! And I will, over a lifetime. I'm making a promise to myself today that I will work on all of the projects in my head eventually. Whether anyone sees them or not. It's important that I complete them, for me.

A guy in my class said something to me that really hit home the other night.

"Some sculpture carver once said,'I just chip away the marble surrounding the image I already see in the stone' and from talking with you I feel that's somewhat your process. Don't let the technical babble get in the way of chipping away the noise to free the image you already see."

Thanks Mel, and thanks to everyone else out there that "gets me" and supports me.
Definition: Photographer.

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