Hope everyone had a good holiday! I had to dust off the ole' blog today, in preparation for a new post. I don't think I've ever neglected it for this long before! I love blogging. It gives me a reason to write, to photograph, to be creative, and share myself with the world. After getting home and finally getting the internet hooked up I spent a lot of days just catching up with my mom and dog, and just being. I made a ginormous to-do list (that for some reason keeps growing as I check things off.) The first couple weeks were hard. I felt lost, but at the same time surrounded by things that were comforting and familiar. I didn't take a lot of pictures, and didn't feel like I was getting much done. Then a couple weeks ago I finally woke up one day and felt like me again. I started taking pictures every day, and working every day on getting at least one thing done. And if I didn't get something done I made sure I was fully immersed in something that brought me great joy without feeling guilty, even if it was something simple. Sleeping in, taking my dog for a walk, cooking, going for a drive with my camera, catching up with old friends, or treasure hunting for antiques downtown... If there's one thing I've realized after school it's to have patience. Patience for everything. I wasn't very patient at first, and now that's what I'm focusing on more than anything else. And it applies to everything in my life. In the end, being home has slowly been everything I needed it to be. And for that, I am so thankful.

Here are some photographs I have taken,
and some quite treasured moments I've had.
enjoy :)

a simple Thanksgiving.

 my love.

fall walks.

treasured moments.

sweet sweet Oklahoma.

I'm very excited about my next couple posts. I did senior pictures last week for a very lovely lady in Marlow and a bridal session with one of my dearest friends this past weekend. Shoots like this are what get me going and I can't wait to share them! I'm just trying to get caught up on my editing, and then I'll post them. Here's a sneak peak!!......

 have a fantastic weekend


  1. Love your photos, Hailey. I think you've stumbled onto some wisdom...Patience...things you love, patience....and more patience. I've always loved your eye for a photo. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Outstanding logo - you're a brand now! It really fits your style of photography. Are you still experimenting or is this the design you'll go with on your cards, stationary, forms, etc.? Doesn't look like you've been slowing down at all, regardless of what you say.

    Love the birds on a wire photo - I can see that one enlarged as a gallery wrap and hanging on a white wall somewhere.

  3. I drove past what I would call, being the country girl I am, a skyscraper with two very large letters mounted to it's side "HK" I immediately thought of you. I miss our lunches and chats. I've been looking forward to you posting. Beautiful work, dear. Keep at it.

  4. Thanks guys! The "logo" will do for now. It's what I came up with for my leave behind at school and it kind of stuck. I've had an idea for what I really want for quite some time now, it's just a matter of getting it out of my head and into a state where I can actually use it.

  5. Hailey! I absolutely love your "simple" Thanksgiving photos. I've never seen berries that look so tasty! I can't wait to see what you'll do next. You're amazing! Oh, and I looked pretty good too! ;)

  6. I recognize those talented hands! Fabulous work Hailey, very proud of you.