old friend. new bride.

I met Callie in 7th grade. The rest is history.

I feel like as a girl, it's just wrong to miss your best friends' weddings, especially when you're supposed to be IN them... But I was too busy up in Montana going to school, and too poor to buy a plane ticket home. Luckily, she understood. And hopefully I made it up to her by taking these photographs.

Callie, you are so gorgeous. There were moments during this shoot that you would move your body only in a way a woman knows how to move. And you'd look at my camera with such amazing confidence and a seriousness I didn't even know you possessed. As the shutter clicked away I would lose track of that young girl I met ten years ago. And then you'd laugh, and it would all came back again. Thanks,... for everything.

you might notice another logo change. It's one of two ideas I've had for a long time. The crown was cute, but was just something to get me by. This is more along the lines of what I want, but it's still a work in progress. My other idea still involves a crown, made of twigs and leaves, but it's been hard to get it translated out of my head and into reality. You're probably not supposed to put stuff out there until it's polished, but oh well! I couldn't hold out any longer (so much for my lesson on patience, huh?) And this way I can get some feedback. enjoy :) 

This one is by FAR my personal FAVORITE!
I just want to stare at it forever...


And I have to give a special thank you to Jacob, Callie's new husband, for being such an amazing photographer's assistant. He carried ladders, lifted her up on hay bales, tree branches, carried accessories, and drove back to a previous location just to retreave Callie's favorite tennis shoes we'd left in a parking lot. If I had a gold star, you'd get one. And if I had enough money to pay you, I'd hire you. 


  1. hailey...your competition in duncan better look out cause you just raised the bar at least a notch or two. amazing. love image 19...

  2. hailey those were amazing! i loved them all. i can't believe how much callie has grown into a beautiful woman and you captured it. i really liked the last one with jacob in it. very cute. great job girl! love your work.

  3. Hailey, I just have to say that I'm so incredibly impressed with these pictures. W O W. I mean, these are just amazing. I have no words. And you know I always have words. (ha!) I agree that the one on the hay bale is top-notch, but I think my personal favorite is the one in the woods on the tree branch. I'll be interested to see how those others turned out. If I had to do it all over again, I think I'd learn how to pose better (My serious face is just so all over the place. Maybe cause I'm not very serious...mwahahaha!)

    You were just so fun to work with, Hailey. I hope that you can come visit again soon! You're such a great friend. I love ya!

  4. Love the red shoes, red couch and red wall. Great lines in the tilt shot with a smile. Excellent series.

  5. No worries about whether you can deliver on a pro job these are all great, my favourite the third shot.

    Love the wall, sofa, shoes combo, did you set that up and if so how?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Callie, I think your serious face is captivating. If I thought you were doing a bad job, I would of told you to do something different. You were great.

    Kate, luckily I knew of an antique store that I had shopped at just the day before that leaves furniture outside for sale and for decoration. I asked permission, and even moved it around a tiny bit. :-)

  7. p.s.

    I've learned after doing 3 or 4 bridal shoots now that if you have a nice camera and a girl in a wedding gown, people pretty much let you do anything!

  8. Dear friend of a good friend,
    Can I please take out my wedding dress and have you capture beautiful images like these? They are GORGEOUS!
    I love looking at your pictures. You are awesome.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. WOW Hailey these are amazing and Callie you are gorgeous!!!!