I truly adore Valentines Day. 
In 1st grade I made a Valentine holder out of an extra large Quaker oatmeal box and decorated it with glue, construction paper, and paper doilies. It sat in the grade school hallway silently holding sweet little notes and sugary treats. And finally at the school party, while eating cupcakes and drinking soda my class opened their homemade boxes. The girls giddy with excitement over any valentine from a boy that resembled an interest stronger than friendship.

Every year since then, I find myself resisting the urge to buy paper doilies, never knowing exactly what I'd end up doing with them anyway. Instead, I take pictures and bake cookies. What a lovely holiday. A day about love and everything sweet. Here are a few of my very own sweet moments lately.

Oh, and happy valentines. :)

love.love.love. hailey.


  1. Great images! Love the cookie cutter with everything behind out of focus - I can smell the fresh baked aroma.

    Nice Valentine tones too.

    You can remember what you did in the 1st grade? I'm still having a hard time knowing what month it is....

    OK, for the last tryptich, were those signs or did you PS them in? Cool idea, and very impressive of you if the latter.

  2. I adore! Very festive of you. 1 is a fav.

  3. Thank you! Mel, they were signs :) However, I managed to do a "sign swap" for the middle one in PS. Glad you liked them. Hope you and Sharon had a great Vday!

  4. Wool and cookie cutter are my favs but all are lovely. Now about that book...

  5. so serious in the bottom left one, very pouty, so french.