a sure thang.

some happy things I can count on:

  • huckleberry tea = sure to create a comforting/aching nostalgia for Montana.
  • fresh bed sheets = sure to make for a perfect nights rest.
  • peanut butter = has been/always will be my staple food. (have I ever mentioned the crazy amount of peanut butter that I eat? It's kind of insane.)
  • my dog = her breath will always stink, but her kisses are sure to make you feel loved.
  • best friend = hardly see each other, but if I need her, she's the first one to offer blunt advise, beer, and cute clothes to borrow (or keep in our case.) 
  • The Office or Friends = two shows I know will make me laugh out loud.
  • my camera = sure fire way to "de-stale" my creativity, provoke feeling, and help me to feel whole and right with my place in this world.
  • shaved ice and sweet syrup = no doubt that summer has arrived.
  • East Meets Southwest = a sushi and wine experience that will always leave you feeling ridiculously satisfied. (and changed my mind about raw food!)
  • thunderstorms = comforting therapy for my soul.
  • Harry Connick Junior = a voice like melted butter on a warm biscuit.
  • sharpie retractable ultra fine markers = best thing to write/ doodle with.
  • dove bar soap = moisturizing, fresh, removes makeup, and works better than any shaving cream. 
  • buying new underwear = a simple joy. no one sees them, but you know they're cute.

 and finally, this guy:


he's pretty easy on the eyes, and probably the surest thing I know. A constant source of knowledge, encouragement, weird food combinations, and spontaneity. He knows the difference in love and tough love, and gives them to me in healthy doses, like a daily medicine. He's the surest of all sure thangs.

Thanks for the visit and the opportunity to take these fine photographs...






  1. don't expect me to pay for your peanut butter habit when you get out here ;) xoxo

  2. Oh don't you worry. I have special money set aside for that. Just remember I like it with oil AND salt.

  3. glad to see you two are still making it work AND have sweet cameras around your necks!

  4. These are all really great. I miss summer. I miss Montana. I miss the two of you and playing third wheel. That's what I think when I see these :) And, how stinkin' weird Chad is even when he has a serious face.

  5. I just love reading your thoughts. I feel like I've talked to you for hours just by reading them. Oh, P.S. your Chad is a hottie! (But not as hot as Jacob...sorry!) :)