the kitchen window.

2 plates.
4 green bowls.
1 dog.
2 macs.
1 massage table.
0 couch.

this is my life. It's definitely interesting. I sell cupcakes and steak by night and try and be a photographer by day. I love to cook but have no table to eat dinner on. I also love to take pictures, and lately don't have anything to take pictures of. Or so I thought.

Sometimes, I have so much creative energy welled up inside of me that I can't stand it. I have a ton of ideas,  (some of which have nothing to do with my camera) but no time to make them happen. Or no one to use as my model. So, I got to thinking a week ago that I needed a way to release a little bit of that energy. A way to force my finger to keep clicking away. Something to tide me over until people in Durango actually learn that I'm here and then realize how badly they need me.  :)
I decided to start a tiny little personal project. It will be called "Everyday Sunday." And it will live right here, on my happy little blog. It's a tribute to my appreciation for the ordinary. The simple. The everyday life that I oddly find so amusing, beautiful, and not so obviously obvious. The details. The moments. A tribute to antiques, color, design, and food. 

I first got the idea back in Oklahoma when I returned to my Mom's little cottage-like house after school and was immediately inspired by her lifestyle. Her decorating. The spools of thread and old sewing books. The way my dog's soft, white fur looked in contrast to the old wooden floor. Her garden and antique kitchen utensils...

As part of my daily routine I look at the same blogs almost everyday, and I love when I find a new one that strikes my fancy. Most of them are photographers, but a few are "foodies" and crafters of many sorts. I enjoy getting photography inspiration from unexpected sources. I also have a few books and magazines I absolutely adore. So, before I start this new project, I'd like to give a shout out to a few people that don't even know I exist, but I'm sure we'd be great friends if they did...

Incredible woman. Children's book illustrator beginning in the 1930's, and in the remainder of her life lived at a farm house, much like one from the 1800's. The two books that have been published on her are beautiful. I've checked them out from the library so many times I should of just bought them by now.

Foodie, photographer, and writer. She does it all and does it well. Born and raised in Oklahoma. Author of the Orangette (a blog) and A Homemade Life (a memoir.) Also features a podcast called "Spilled Milk" available on itunes.

a world of everything handmade and vintage. Need I say more?

Elsie Flannigan may just be the most followed girl with a blog. She's full of creative ideas, DIY tutorials, (pin hole cameras and knitting!) links to other websites, and great pictures from tons of photographers. She'd be a fun friend to go thrift shopping with someday.
A girl from Gothenburg, Sweden who has a great eye for composition, design, and the simple things in life. 

Co-authors for the books 3191 "A Year of Mornings" and "A Year of Evenings." Beautiful, beautiful photographs and a great example of why I love joint photo projects and photos from everyday life. Someday, when I have a couch, I'll have a coffee table, and when I have a coffee table, I'd like to have both of these books to sit on it.  :)

I also love the photography in any of Martha Stewart's magazines, Real Simple, The Sun, Color, and many many many more websites and blogs.

Here are a few images from this week's Everyday Sunday. I'm a little late. (It was technically still Sunday when I started this.) 


  1. Hailey,
    You've found a muse, obviously. Follow this creative line, get images in front of people, challenge viewers to look longer and put themselves in the image to share your experiences.

    Commercially, I can see these images residing on Pottery Barn walls, coffeehouse walls, contemporary fashion magazines, decorator catalogs. Put a portfolio together and walk it around town for comments or opportunities. Remember Tom hung his bike pictures in a clothing boutique - you just need a start to get momentum.

    May just a little more DOF to increase the amount of the subject that's in focus - would give my eye a reason to stay in the image.

  2. Hailey, As always I love the way you tell a story, with words and your photography...And I hope you are able to walk your portfolio around town as Mel suggests, you might be surprised at what happens as a result! Missing you a bunch....Mindy

  3. You are on to a good thing here Hailey. Keep it up and keep showing us your images!

  4. loving this hailey! excited to see more :)

  5. Hey girl, do/will you sell your work? I would love to have some of your images in my home. As always, beautiful and make me say wow!

  6. Thank you all for the beautiful comments. And Yes!! I DO sell my artwork. Anything in particular you're interested in? you can email me, at :