It was one of the best weeks. And ironically a lot went wrong. But in that wrong, a lot was learned.

I lost my waitress job. But after the initial frustration of feeling misunderstood and moneyless was gone, I felt lighter on my feet than I had in months. It literally felt like a HUGE pile of bricks had been removed off my back. I immediately immersed myself into the things I loved. I felt creative, driven, and motivated to be the photographer I knew I could be. And I began working on the physical steps to get there.

I am checking the paper for jobs, but in the mean time have been hired as a photo editor for a local wedding and commercial photographer to do post processing of weddings and possibly design work as well. I finished revising my new wedding prices and designing a cute handout for potential clients. I've been working on my logo, starting an etsy account, and next up is advertising and marketing as well as updating my portrait prices. AND Chad and I photographed our first wedding yesterday with Matt from Allison Ragsdale Photography. It was an amazing learning experience and a great way to kick start the wedding season for us. Matt and Allison have become great friends and a fun photography resource for bouncing around ideas. I'm photographing another wedding next weekend with a photographer from California, and another in early August!

There's a lot of behind-the-scenes work to be done, but it feels good to at least be working towards something I love.
here's some images from my week...

for $2.00 at a thrift store this week I updated our miss-match plate collection. Aren't they pretty?

I bought new nail polish: bright yellow :)

found the most beautiful peppers at the farmers market Saturday morning.

watched the sun dance on the driveway.

bought myself flowers.

and baked my favorite biscuits.

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