It's not the most amazing picture.
But, I snapped it quickly Friday night as the wedding I had photographed all day was finally coming to an end. I wanted to remember me at that moment. That moment when photographing weddings was new. When it was a challenge, but extremely exciting. When I don't have all the equipment I want yet and rely solely on my eye and knowledge to get me through. I wanted to remember being the second photographer. The nameless girl in a new town with a box FULL of business cards sitting at home on the shelf. That girl who has wanted this for five, going on six years. The girl that will someday look at this picture when she's a hot item on the photography market and feel humbled that I made it happen- every step of the way. You will want me to photograph your wedding, you just don't know it yet.


p.s. I'm also the girl that took pictures for 2-3 hours that day (including ceremony) with her pants unzipped.



  1. Hahaha - pants unzipped!!! I think that nobody would have realized that unless you told 'em! After all, it was a wedding...love your blog again and as usual girl! You are AMAZING!!!

  2. maybe that's why everyone is smiling so big in all your shots...

  3. Hailey,
    I love your thinking about yourself and career. Congratulations on following your dream and I'm so glad to have been there at the beginning. Really look forward to see how you grow.

    Glad to see you're making friends with your flash. Hope you'll post some images from the wedding for us to appreciate.

    Perhaps the unzipped pants were an artistic choice?

  4. Hailey,

    You are well on your way to making the future you desire. Keep it up.

    Thank you for the huge laughs too!!! I'm sure all the wedding guests didn't even notice...except for the perverts, that is:) Too funny!

  5. Hailey,
    That is totally something I would do. (Leave my zipper open while trying to appear professional - not photographing a wedding). For instance, I once did an entire examination on a dog and consultation with a client with a large piece of lettuce stuck to my chin. Anyway, your photos are absolutely amazing!!! All of you are inspiring. Keep up the great work!
    Cindy (Jimmy's wife :)

  6. HAHA! Cindy, you are one classy lady. I often have food in my teeth or hair and no one tells me. I'd rather someone tell me than be embarrassed later in the bathroom when I see my reflection. Thanks for sharing. And of course, thanks for reading. :)

  7. oh my gosh, i'm laughing out loud! that is awesome Hailey :) can't wait to see some images (hopefully :) ) from the day!! you are so damn inspiring, i seriously can't get over it. you go girl!

  8. Hhahaha!!! I don't even know you.... but I love you. haha. What a great post. I wish you could come back to Montana and be my business partner!! I would even give you weddings to shoot by yourself. :)